Photography, Cycling and the Internets


After the Ajax Experience conference, I had a couple days to check out Boston and Cambridge. Boston is one amazing place and surprisingly small. Looking at the map, Boston Logan Airport has more land than the downtown area.

I spent most of Wednesday afternoon and well into the night walking around and checking out the sights. The size of the town definately made walking seem like a real mode of transportation. That’s in sharp contrast with all I have been made to believe by being a life-long California resident. Even taking the T out to Cambridge to visit some friends was a snap. The cab ride from the airport to the hotel was the only time I was in a car for the entire trip. I think that is the longest amount of time I have been without a car in many years.

Perhaps one day far far in the future I can be bicostal. Boston sounds like it would be high on the list for me. However, it is a bit cold for a Californian 🙂


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