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Development Methodologies pt. 1

I have spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about how development style, process, and company culture help to foster great design or hinder it.   Small companies have a great ability to be very creative and move quickly on concepts since all of the stakeholders are in the same room all the time.  Anyone that has worked in a larger company, or even a small company that has simply grown to the point where there are separate departments, finds that process must be put into place to keep things running smoothly.

The resulting process comes out of the culture of the company.  This process can be very restrictive, or very loose.  The process itself has direct bearing on the overall creativity and understanding of design.

I have many ideas on this topic and will be posting a few more articles on it. However I am wondering aloud (and encouraging comments), how has the process and company culture enabled or hindered the ability for you and your teams to implement great design?


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