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Kenmore Washer Code F02

This is a post to help anyone out there that has a Kenmore H3 washer that is displaying the F02 error code and is stopping the cycle.  I recently came across this problem and found a site that had the solution.   The fix took me about 15 minutes.  It was a bit messy since you are removing the drain access plug at the bottom of the machine.  Several towels, a bucket and a cookie sheet kept the water mess to a minimum.  The only tool required is a wrench.

It turns out one of my kid’s socks got stuck in the impeller.   Removing it fixed the problem. Please visit if you are experiencing the same thing.

Be sure to share any other information about how this went for you here to help others!


Thanks for the great time at BayCHI

Tonight I had a great time talking at BayCHI.  I was surprised to see a full house for my presentation.   I was encouraged by the enthusiasm from everyone and for asking such great questions.  Daniel Russell’s talk on how people search at Google and use search engines in general was also very fascinating.  The two talks had a great synergy for an evening on the similar and yet distinctly unique development approaches of Netflix and Google.    Again, thanks everyone for the great time.