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Mt Umunhum & Clouds

I am a fan of Mt. Umunhum.  It is visible from almost everywhere in San Jose.  The dilapidated radar tower at the top, bad roads, and large stretch of private property add to its mystique.  Cloud formations over the top are always a treat, especially as storms are just rolling in or leaving.  This is my submission for #ds46: “Time for a change in perspective! Look up today and make a photo that favors what’s going on in the sky.”

Other recent clouds were captured in Palo Alto.  This one captured the sun fabulously just as a jet was leaving a contrail that was cutting the sky like a knife.


Sunset at the Dumbarton

Today I left work a bit early in hopes of catching some of the waning light of the day. The wildlife sanctuary at the Dumbarton bridge was a good place as any to try and complete a couple Daily Shoot assignments.  While at it, I was hoping to get a bit more practice with sunset photography and if really lucky catch a good picture of a bird.  While still only owning a 28-135 lens, I wasn’t holding out for a killer bird picture.

This is the type of shot I was after.  I am not necessarily thrilled with it, but it was fun to try and get this one.  Finding the dead tree and placing it against the power lines and marsh seemed like a good combination.  I think a wider lens may have made this a bit more dramatic.  I am using this one for #ds43: “Trees come in all shapes and sizes. This time of year they may be covered in snow. Make a photo of an interesting tree.”

I would be hard-pressed to find one with snow out here.

After my attempts with the sunset, I noticed this next shot with my car. 
I liked the way the car, the radio tower, fence and bridge came together.  For this one I waited until a truck drove by to add a sense of bustle.

Finally, my other favorite shot from this mini-outing was the photo of four cones that were stuck in the silty mud under the bridge.  I love how dirty this photo is and how along with the bright reflections in the water.  The cones captured the setting sun to make it look like a flash was used on this shot.

Finally, I have been hunting for a picture for #ds41: “Share a little bit about yourself by making a photo that exemplifies your part of the country or world. (@book_up)” While this one is similar to the one with the tree, it captures a bit more about the area.  Marsh, Wildlife, hills and the power that drives silicon valley.

Catching up in photo assignments

Starting from later in the game doesn’t make it easy to do all of the Daily Shoot assignments.  I took some time over the holiday to try and catch up on a photo-walk around town.  Here is what I came up with for a few of the assignments.

Clockwise from the top left:

#ds9: “You might not be next to an ocean, but surely you can find some water around you to take a photo of.”

#ds14: “Sunday challenge time! Pattern is built on repetition, like a rhythm. Make a photo of a regular or irregular pattern.”

#ds16: “Doors can have a lot of character, be it in the hinges, knob, or style. Make a photo of a door you pass through today.”

#ds17: “Let’s play around with contrast today, to help train the eye for it. Make a photo that has contrasting colors.”

Shoes – Daily Shoot 13

I’m slowly catching up on the Daily Shoot assignments.  So far it has been a good challenge to try and get an interesting photo every day.  The shiny shoes and scooter lit up nicely at sunset.

#DS13: “Blue suede, hiking, sneakers, and pumps. If only shoes could talk. Tell their story in a photo, either on or off someone.”

Diffuse Keepsake – Dailyshoot 21

What a perfect time to compete the 21st Daily Shoot assignment.   A nice snowman to help with the Christmas spirit.

#DS21: “Sunday challenge time! Make a photo of your favorite keepsake in soft diffuse light. “

Daily Shoot #39: Holiday Decorations

Merry Christmas!  Brought to you by Frosty the Snow Stocking.

#DS39: “How do you deck the halls this holiday season? Make a photo of your holiday decorations today.”

Daily Shoot #38: Favorite Animals

Getting a yellow lab to pay attention isn’t easy.  Make sure to bring some kibble!

#DS38: “Photographing animals takes patience. Make a photo of an animal today: pet, domesticated, or wild. Focus on the eyes!”

Double-stacked art-bike at Toys R Us

While doing some last-minute shopping at Toys R Us on Winchester in San Jose today, I ran across this bike outside.  It is two bikes stacked on top of another.  Some great colors and a new approach to a water bottle cage.  I didn’t see the owner around.  Riding this must quite different.

I also noticed that it has a kickstand.  I wonder if it actually works. 🙂

Daily Shoot #37: Hands

Nothing better than little hands with a flower.

#DS37: “Hands can tell a lot about a person: smooth, rough, dirty, or wrinkled. Make a photo of hands that tell a story. (@cogdog)”

Daily Shoot #20: The Wheel – Jamis Miss Daisy

A photo to highlight the wheel portion of the Jamis Miss Daisy kid’s bike.  Overall I don’t think this is bad, but the lighting could be improved.   Some of the other shots, with inferior framing had cloud-cover which really softened the purples in the frame.

#DS20: “Where would civilization be without the wheel? They’re all around. Make a photograph of a wheel near you.”