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Seafood Breakfast with a Golf Course View – Daily Shoot 77

On an early morning shoot which failed to deliver any good sunrise shots, it did lend more favorably to the wildlife.  The seagulls were dropping mussels to break the shells and then diving after them to guard their meal.   One aggressive large one would then chase them off of their food.  He was able to score a few free meals that way.

#ds77 – “Sunday Challenge: Wherever there’s an edge, there’s energy. Make a photo where two things meet: land-water, land-sky, etc.”


Silicon Valley Medical Center – Daily Shoot 76

#ds76 “Get up close and personal with a building today. Make a photo of an architectural detail.”

The detail here didn’t look great too close, but with the glass and reflections, I thought the architecture really worked here.

Return Flight to Kansas

Finally!  A nice break in the rainy rainy weather.  Blessed with a beautiful day, the kids and I went to play outside.  It made for good times and wonderful photos.  After several attempts of pushing the swing, focusing, pushing the swing, snapping photos, pushing the swing and adjusting, I finally managed to get it just-right.  The sun and clouds were very cooperative on this shot.  The added bonus was the non-stop laughter by the girls as they got to swing extra-high.

A Pointed Argument

Razor wire with sunset reflection at the Dumbarton Bridge.

Coconut Macaroon – Daily Shoot 75

At oDesk, we’re lucky that one of our coworkers is married to naka_sf, an aspiring chef.  We’re often treated to all kinds of macaroons as she experiments with variations of her recipes.  It’s always a treat.

For today’s Daily Shoot assignment, the timing of a new batch arriving at the office was perfect.  The white and green macaroons on the blue paper made for a nice composition.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tripod and it wasn’t quite as sharp as I would have liked.

#DS75: “Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Make a photo of something sweet today.”

Dumbarton’s Warm Glow on a Cold Evening

In the brief  appearance of the sun yesterday, I had about 10 minutes in it total.  On my way home from the office I tried to make something of the sun.  This shot of the Dumbarton Bridge was a pleasing result.  With the sun low in the sky, it cast a warm orange light on the columns.  The reflection in the marsh and the blue sky hit all the right notes.  Other than adjusting some contrast and light levels to remove some haze, the colors are natural.

Rusted Bolt in Old Mossy Fence

This HDR image is composed of 3 exposures.  My goal here was to keep it very natural looking.  There are slight bumps in saturation to bring out the grass, which is actually very green on-site.  I’m very pleased with the results.  The amount of detail in the wood and the growth on the fence is very sharp.   This was taken at the same location as my previous photo, Old Barn, off of Casa Loma Rd. near Morgan Hill.  Click through to see the detail on SmugMug.

Under Morning Dew – Daily Shoot 73

This is an up-close view at what it looked like inside my car this morning.  You can see the my house in the drops refractions.

#DS73 – “Take something common–an object, building, or landscape–and compose an abstract composition with it.”

The Circle of Information – Daily Shoot 72

#DS72 – “Change your perspective today. Make a photo from a bird’s eye view. Get out the chairs and ladders if you need to!

Counter-Clockwise to Open

A brief walk today to fill my Daily Shoot assignment led me to this lock on the door of a utility box outside the office complex.

The DS assignment shot also turned out pretty good:

#DS71 – “Right (90-degree) angles can help define a composition. Make a photograph involving intersecting lines. (@lyzadanger)”