Photography, Cycling and the Internets

The Daily Shoot Forces a New Perspective

To date, I’ve contributed 45 entries to The Daily Shoot.  It has done more for me than just taking a photo a day. It has forced me to see how my photographs stack up against others within the same assignment.  Overall I feel like I am reasonably good at making a pleasing photograph in terms of the technical aspects.  Composition, lighting, etc.  What The Daily Shoot is teaching me is that making the subject of the photograph interesting is just as, if not more, important.

There are millions of photographs of snow, glasses, signs, or anything else that The Daily Shoot has or will offer.  However, the real challenge here is not just taking a photograph, but taking a photograph that makes people pause or even look for a second time.  Something that holds their interest.

"Any Pair of Glasses"

This is reinforced by how the site groups each daily assignment.   Concepts and interpretations of assignments often blur together with very few stand-outs.   Now, with the new flood of contributors (about 100 per-day w/ the New Year), it is harder to have that stand-out shot.  To-date, I believe I have had only one stand-out.  The rest of my shots may have managed to achieve the technical wins, but are by and large bland.  Nobody is going to stop and study them or try to put themselves in the moment of the photograph.

I want thank The Daily Shoot for giving me two things.  Firstly, something new to think about every day.   Even if I do it poorly, I had an opportunity to be creative with a fresh idea.  Secondly, exposure to others, and their interpretations of each assignment.  Grouping every assignment’s contributions together highlights both technical merits and most importantly, creativity of each photographer.

It has been great so far.  I look forward to seeing how I can push my own limits and how everyone else will continue to grow.


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