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Sunrise Captured by Fog and Tree

Sunrise Captured by Fog and Tree

In Woodside, CA on a photo-walk with some friends, we caught a great sunrise that was enhanced by some trees and fog.  I wanted to try my hand at a few different HDR shots and this one seemed to fit nicely.  I have been working on-and-off with this image for awhile , trying to find the right balance the 6 images used and the Lightroom recipe to get it how I liked it.  Tricky areas on this shot were in the tree branches and the grass.

I really like the color range in this shot which is pretty natural.  Other than a slight bump in saturation and a tiny nudge in temperature, there isn’t anything fancy going on here. There is quite a bit of detail on this image and it is worth looking at larger.

Since HDR is still quite new to me, (not to mention trying to be more serious about Photography in general) I’d love to hear how this shot could be improved further.


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