Photography, Cycling and the Internets

Cars, Bridge, Camera and Purple Haze – Daily Shoot 65,66,68,70

A wide range of shot types today.  I fell behind last week on my Daily Shoot assignments so I spent some time this weekend to catch up.

Foot Bridge Over Freeway at Night (ds70 - Sunday challenge: Experiment with shutter speed today by making a photo with a long exposure.)

Camera Self Portrait - Canon DS50 (ds66 - Make your camera the star of the show today. Use another camera or mirror to put your camera in a photo of its own.)

Coming and Going on Highway 101 (ds65 - Make an interesting photo of a mode of transportation today: car, plane, bicycle, subway, or whatever you like!)

Purple Haze (ds68 - Let's have some fun on a Friday. Make a photo that goes with the title (or lyrics) of a song. Interpret away!)


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