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Red Tailed Hawk – A Lesson in Widlife Photography

Sunday morning, while at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View, this hawk flew into the bushes nearby where my friend Jose and I were setup.  Since I knew it would be moments before it would take flight again, I took the camera off the tripod and set it up for servo focus.  It was overcast at about 8:30am.  I forgot to set shutter priority  and oh how I wish I had the camera set for a higher ISO.  I think the solution is to setup one of my camera presets for bird photography.

This shot is slightly out-of-focus since it was handheld.  Then the bird took flight and flew right at us.  They were framed wonderfully, but each was blurry due to the slow shutter speed.  Despite the issues with this shot, I still like it and how close I was.   I suppose I can tell always people I took this with my iPhone. 🙂


One response

  1. Its still amazing!!!

    February 28, 2010 at 12:53 am

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