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My youngest daughter was playing at the beach in Santa Barbara in her sun dress and I grabbed this photo.  Everything about her pose, expression, the long grasses, sand and hill behind her screamed for a vintage look.  I used Nik Silver Efex Pro to get the look I was going for.  Some have said I need to crop it, and I can see why from a composition perspective, but I’ll be leaving it just as it is since I like the environment.


Marin Lookout


Marin Lookout

San Francisco VA Medical Center, Point Bonita Lighthouse, and this old army lookout line up in this shot.  Since I love shooting gritty old and abused structures against picturesque scenes, this worked very well for me.  The orange on the building is from the glow of the setting sun.  You can get glimpses of it on the lighthouse in the distance.  The clarity is pretty good for that structure as well, which you can see by clicking through.


Sunset in the Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands Sunset

The day in the Marin Headlands let us have a nice, golden, somewhat hazy sunset.  Off in the distance you can see an old army lookout station with a bit of graffiti on it.  I’ll post a close-up of that in a couple days.  The light on the iceplant worked really well for this shot.  I just wish I had a round aperture and possibly an ND filter to really bring this image home.

Beached Coconut

Beached Coconut

Here we are on the west side of Maui looking at a beached coconut.  Off in the distance you can see some rock, Molokini Island and Kahoolawe Island’s humpback whale looking silhouette.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

While hanging out at the beach, I took a few photos of my lovely wife.  I noticed that my reflection in her sunglasses was rather interesting with the blue sky and other features clearly visible.  I called the kids over and had each one wave to create his “family portrait”.   I think this will make a great print since there is quite a bit of detail in the reflection.

Maui Madness

Boogie Boarding in Maui

Okay, to come clean, work wasn’t the only reason I haven’t been posting. 🙂  Earlier this month we took a week-long vacation to Maui to enjoy the nice warm weather, water and relax.  Photography on a family vacation isn’t the easiest thing to get out and do, but I did manage to get a few decent images from the trip.  We’ll start with my daughter having a blast on the boogie board at Ulua State Beach.  In the background you can see the West Maui Mountains.  The vacation was a blast and the family had a great time.

I love this shot since it just freezes the excitement perfectly and has a decent amount of location orientation included.

Cool Water Flyin’

Seagull in Monterey

Doesn’t this make you want to go for a swim?  This shot was achieved through skillful negotiation, and patience.  The birds were flying in and out of this little cove and the family wanted to move on.  Of course once I setup for the background, the birds decided to take a rest from flying.  This didn’t help my small window of opportunity to get the shot I foresaw.  As luck would have it, everyone wanted to take a break like the birds and took a breather.  This gave me five more minutes to sit and wait.  Even though I would have preferred an incoming seagull, I was pleased to get this guy on his way out.   He’s in a good spot, great wing angle, and I can still see his eye.  Perfect.



What a moment to capture!  The pictured couple was sitting on the coastal rocks and I liked the double recliner nature of the rocks. So of course, up went the camera.  Wouldn’t you know that on the first click, fortune struck enough to have a huge wave crash behind our love birds.  In post, this took a bit of adjustment to keep the detail of the water spray and the colors but overall I think it turned out well.

Let’s take a break from the rain and go to the beach

With all the rain that has been around here lately, it is probably a good time to post some photos from a few weeks ago when it the weather was much more pleasant. These were taken near Pescadero, CA

Sun Behind Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Sun Behind Pigeon Point Lighthouse

From the same photo-walk as Sunrise Captured by Fog and Tree we stopped off at Pigeon Point Lighthouse since that is someplace every photographer must visit once.  This is an HDR image composed of three shots (+2, 0, -2).  I did some split-tone tweaking on this one to give it a bit of an aged look.

I like the detail in the glass at the top of the tower.  The photographer in the bottom right of this shot is my friend Jonathon Jenkins.