Photography, Cycling and the Internets


Enjoying the Setting Sun

Enjoying the Setting Sun

A bit of daydreaming while riding a bicycle as the sun gets low in the horizon.  I love the lighting in this.


Double-stacked art-bike at Toys R Us

While doing some last-minute shopping at Toys R Us on Winchester in San Jose today, I ran across this bike outside.  It is two bikes stacked on top of another.  Some great colors and a new approach to a water bottle cage.  I didn’t see the owner around.  Riding this must quite different.

I also noticed that it has a kickstand.  I wonder if it actually works. 🙂

Daily Shoot #20: The Wheel – Jamis Miss Daisy

A photo to highlight the wheel portion of the Jamis Miss Daisy kid’s bike.  Overall I don’t think this is bad, but the lighting could be improved.   Some of the other shots, with inferior framing had cloud-cover which really softened the purples in the frame.

#DS20: “Where would civilization be without the wheel? They’re all around. Make a photograph of a wheel near you.”

Bike Rack

This bike rack is at the Almaden shopping center in San Jose next to the Fresh Choice.  I have never seen a bike locked up to it, and yet it looks pretty worn.

Family Bikes

My 20 mile round-trip commute to work is done by bike as often as possible.  My workhorse is my Trek 520 that has been setup to handle just about anything thrown at it.  My kids love riding as well and over the last few years we have collected a couple different rides.