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Enjoying the Setting Sun

Enjoying the Setting Sun

A bit of daydreaming while riding a bicycle as the sun gets low in the horizon.  I love the lighting in this.


Palace of Fine Arts at Night

Palace of Fine Arts

A fog-free night in San Francisco combined with driving by the Palace of Fine Arts with a camera in the car means you must stop to get a few images.   The buildings are lit dramatically with sodium lights.  This makes difficult color set to capture and reveal the detail in color, so I opted for black & white here.  We were in the late hour of twilight so the sky had a nice gradient left to it.

Duck Creek at Sunset

Duck Creek at Sunset

Other than the stifling humidity, it is great to go feet from the house and have tons of vegetation, creeks, and fun things for the kids to do.  I wasn’t able to get out to see a sunset in the fields, but the creek did very nicely.  I love how the water caught the light.

Dramatic Flamingo

Dramatic Flamingo

Yes, this is a real flamingo.  It is probably the most dramatic flamingo image, as it steps from the shadows.  Very little post processing was done to this other than trying to sharpen it just a tad since there is the slightest bit of motion blur.  I love the lighting here!

Day of the Living Goofball

Day of the Living Goofball

I love dark, gritty images, so lets go dark again and keep up the variety.  I’ll opt-out of telling the story behind this one to let your imagination kick in.

No Extensions, No Problem

White Clover

Encouraged by Tracy and Michaela discussing lens extensions, I thought I’d give it a go.  Only, I don’t have any, and I don’t have a macro lens.  To top things off, I want to experiment with light leaks.  So why not make the best of the situation?  Reverse lens macro on the 135mm lens, hand-held, about 3/4″ away from the body.  Perfect!

This is a white clover flower.  You know, the little white flowers in the grass at the park.  For this shot I laid down in the grass on my stomach and used the ground to place my elbows on while holding the lens and the camera body.  I love the light leak colors from this technique.  The challenges here are the razor thin DOF and the moving parts — The lens, the flower, the body.  Sharp focus is something I haven’t quite mastered yet, but this one is pretty good.

Morning at the Ferry Building, San Francisco

Morning at the Ferry Building, San Francisco

This morning when the Ferry Building in San Francisco opened, I managed to get to the second floor to get some shots of the wonderful architecture. Supposedly there is a rule against using tripods there.  The guards would walk from far away to politely ask me to stop.  The first said I could use my tripod on the second floor which I did until the second floor guard asked me to stop as well. I originally wanted to do some HDR shots, but instead I opted for this single exposure. I love the colors here.

I warmed this up slightly and gave a small bump in saturation and some slight manual vignetting.

#ds151 – Every town, village, or city has distinguishing icons and landmarks. Make a photo of one wherever you are today.

Lone Tree, Morgan Hill

Lone Tree, Morgan Hill

Today I’m taking things in a completely different direction.  It’s all about experimenting for me in this shot.  I’m going for a sense of old, a sense of dark, and a bit scary.  Almost like a zombie silhouette will appear  over the hill.  I really like the steep angle, the white fence and the low clouds in this shot.  I’m also a fan of trying to make some eerie images, even if I’m the only one that appreciates them. 🙂  (see my parking garage set.  Another experiment with the dark side)

I’m curious what works and what doesn’t on this shot.  Let me know.



This evening while taking the kids to the park, a neighbor was playing catch with Zoe, a very energetic and well-behaved pup.  The photo opportunity gave me more of a chance to practice shots with the evening light and fulfill yesterday’s Daily Shoot assignment of speed.  I love that the evenings now come complete with sun.

Zoe Leaps for Tennis Ball

Zoe Grabs a Ball

Evening Light

This shot was taken while visiting friends in the San Bernadino Mountains at Big Bear.  The sun was setting casting a wonderful light on the dining room table.