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English Camp Barn

English Camp Barn

In the Almaden Quicksilver County Park in South San Jose are some abandoned cinnabar mines and a few structures that were present in the mini camps that existed up in the hills.  This is an old barn that existed in English Camp (yes, there was a neighboring Spanish Camp for the Spanish speakers).  I’m not sure if the red color is original or added by the parks department a decade or two ago. It’s pretty beat up and has some charm.  I’m not sure if it has as much charm as I was hoping for after a long hike lugging my camera gear around. 🙂


Roadside Barn

Roadside Barn

This little barn sits just outside of Davenport, Iowa.  The doors don’t appear to work anymore as they are off the tracks or off the hinges.  In looking for a good barn to photograph without burning lots of gas randomly driving around in my limited time with a car, I resorted to Google Street View.  I was able to find some good spots which also provided some spontaneous subjects along the way.

For this shot, I like the detail in the wood and clouds and how it all comes together.  This is nice in color as well, but the black & white brings out the contrast nicely.

Paso Robles Barn

Paso Robles Barn

I finally pulled down images from my CF card that were taken a couple weeks ago from my trip to Paso Robles.  On that trip, I was able to escape for a couple hours from the family activities to go on a photo tour of the area.   This little barn was in wine-country and just looked like it’s seen far better days.  I like the TV antenna sticking up from the upper roof while the walls are falling with plenty of missing planks.  On the whole drive, I don’t think I ever saw any barns as vibrant as Consuelo’s red one.

Inside an Old Barn

Barns are wonderful subjects for photography.  I was curious if it was true on the inside as well.  While it is cool to be inside an old barn, without a wide-angle lens, it is much more difficult to get good shots.  This barn had a leaky roof and it had recently been raining so everything was wet inside.  I have had these shots for some time and never posted them.  I think it’s about time.

Inside Old Barn

Moonlit Barn

This last shot is processed to simulate the moonlight.  I wasn’t a huge fan of it in color.  The blue tones give this an eerie feeling that I really like.

Old Barn

Today’s short outing, while mostly unsuccessful, did result in a couple decent images.  This one is of an old barn off Casa Loma Rd. near Morgan Hill.