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My youngest daughter was playing at the beach in Santa Barbara in her sun dress and I grabbed this photo.  Everything about her pose, expression, the long grasses, sand and hill behind her screamed for a vintage look.  I used Nik Silver Efex Pro to get the look I was going for.  Some have said I need to crop it, and I can see why from a composition perspective, but I’ll be leaving it just as it is since I like the environment.


Beached Coconut

Beached Coconut

Here we are on the west side of Maui looking at a beached coconut.  Off in the distance you can see some rock, Molokini Island and Kahoolawe Island’s humpback whale looking silhouette.

Family Portrait

Family Portrait

While hanging out at the beach, I took a few photos of my lovely wife.  I noticed that my reflection in her sunglasses was rather interesting with the blue sky and other features clearly visible.  I called the kids over and had each one wave to create his “family portrait”.   I think this will make a great print since there is quite a bit of detail in the reflection.

Maui Madness

Boogie Boarding in Maui

Okay, to come clean, work wasn’t the only reason I haven’t been posting. 🙂  Earlier this month we took a week-long vacation to Maui to enjoy the nice warm weather, water and relax.  Photography on a family vacation isn’t the easiest thing to get out and do, but I did manage to get a few decent images from the trip.  We’ll start with my daughter having a blast on the boogie board at Ulua State Beach.  In the background you can see the West Maui Mountains.  The vacation was a blast and the family had a great time.

I love this shot since it just freezes the excitement perfectly and has a decent amount of location orientation included.

Beach Day with Grams

Beach Day with Grams

What to do with summer?  The beach!  And to do that with Grams, even better!  Some craziness and fun.  Gotta love the hat, too!

Beach House

Beach House

Back to the Monterey trip.  This blue house overlooking the rocky beach with the gold grass in the foreground caught my eye.

Welcome Back, California


The month of May has been almost, if not, the coldest on record for the Bay Area.  Rain, cold, clouds.  The sun and warmth tended to appear only mid-week.  This weekend, everything is starting to feel normal.  The sun is shining, it’s warm and we went to Monterey to enjoy the coast.  Here’s a nice seagull that was brave enough to hang around while I climbed on the rocks to get closer for some  shots.

Let’s take a break from the rain and go to the beach

With all the rain that has been around here lately, it is probably a good time to post some photos from a few weeks ago when it the weather was much more pleasant. These were taken near Pescadero, CA

Santa Cruz Surfers

As the sun is setting, the surfers are coming in for the day.