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This is a cable fence near Travis Marina just north of San Francisco.  The fence was to keep cars from driving near the trail and cliff just behind where this photo was taken.  The sun was late in the day so it gave warmer tones.  I added in some black and increased the contrast a bit.  Overall I like the composition, texture and colors.


Rusted Bolt in Old Mossy Fence

This HDR image is composed of 3 exposures.  My goal here was to keep it very natural looking.  There are slight bumps in saturation to bring out the grass, which is actually very green on-site.  I’m very pleased with the results.  The amount of detail in the wood and the growth on the fence is very sharp.   This was taken at the same location as my previous photo, Old Barn, off of Casa Loma Rd. near Morgan Hill.  Click through to see the detail on SmugMug.