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w00t! Fifth Place!

If everyone remembers, I asked a while back about some images that I should enter into the Fotoclave, a photography competition of 3 Northern California camera club councils.  I was able to get 4 acceptances and I won fifth-place in the Digital Photojournalism category with Terror of Happy Hollow – San Jose, CA. The Fotoclave competition includes 3 different Northern California Camera Club Councils, representing about 23 photo clubs.  Each council was allowed to submit 20 images per category.   There were many, many incredible photographs in the competition and I don’t envy the judges that have to make the decisions on winners.  I am very excited that one of my images was able to stand alongside of the others.  Additionally, thanks to my family for making the photograph possible. 🙂

Terror of Happy Hollow

Terror of Happy Hollow - San Jose, CA


Have a Favorite?

The annual Fotoclave competition is coming up and I am considering entering some digital images and perhaps try my hand at a print or two. (maybe).  The categories are Color Pictorial, Creative, Travel, Nature, and Photojournalism.  I am allowed two entries per category, and then my club picks from all entries 20 per category to move on to the larger competition.

I only have two creative images, so that is easy for me to decide, and I am way out-classed in everything outside of color pictorial.  So what I’m asking for help in, is choosing the two images to submit, and perhaps two I should make prints of, for the color category.

Digital entries have a long-edge max of 1050 pixels, so details may get lost, which is what gives a preference for high detail to get printed.


Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship

Stored Memories

Stored Memories

A View to Something More Beautiful

A View to Something More Beautiful

Abandoned Shack

Abandoned Shack

Deep Red

Deep Red

Or if you had other favorites that I didn’t list, please suggest it.  Let me know your two favorites.   Thanks!

Photo Club Competition Night

While I’ve slowed my pace of posting, I still have some favorite images that haven’t made it into competition yet.  Tonight my small club had another competition for the categories Monochrome Pictorial, Color Pictorial, Nature and Creative.  As usual, some great pieces were presented.   The comments from the judge overall were good.  I don’t necessarily agree with all of them of course. 🙂  I included some of the takeaways below each image.


Cherries - Digital Color Pictorial

Judge Comment: Could be cropped tighter to lose a bit of the left side to place more emphasis on what is in focus. Either that or stop it down just a bit. The situation may not have made this possible if it was low light.

My thoughts: I agree with the cropping bit, I think there is probably too much on the left. This was taken in extremely bright, direct light. I did lots of work to tone down the harshness. The fact that it was perceived to be low light, I consider a victory. 🙂


Caught! - Monochrome Pictorial - 2nd Place

Judge comment: Love the expression on the man’s face.  It makes the image.  Also the curve of the benches is nice.  However, I would have loved to see this cropped tighter to put more focus on the facial expression.

My thoughts:  I agree with everything except the crop.  The empty bench row adds just as much as the facial expression.  Plus, I like the birds.

Honeybee Swarm (Apis mellifera)

Honeybee Swarm (Apis mellifera) - Nature - 1st Place

Judge comment: Eek, I hope you were careful taking this.  The bees are crisp, the background tells enough of a story but isn’t important.  This is a good nature story.  The title could have included the details about the swarm protecting the queen.

My thoughts:  I agree.

Recursion Error

Recursion Error - Creative - 3rd Place

Judge comments:  Not many comments other than general observation and appreciation of the work that went into this.

My thoughts: This has changed quite a bit since I originally made it.  I have tried to make it look more like it was done with a cheap toy camera.

Three Twos and an Entry

This evening’s Light & Shadow Camera Club competition went pretty good.  The categories this evening for digital were Monochrome, Color Pictorial, Nature and Creative.  All of my entries except monochrome held a second place.  No real critical commentary on the images this time around from the judge.  Overall all of the submissions were really strong and I’m more than pleased to have been awarded seconds.

Salsify Seeds

Salsify Seeds - Digital Monochrome

A View to Something More Beautiful

A View to Something More Beautiful - Color Pictorial - Second Place

Thistle and Honeybee

Thistle and Honeybee (Apis mellifera, Silybum marianum, Schizaphis graminum) - Nature - Second Place

Supported Asymmetry

Supported Asymmetry - Creative - Second Place

At Least I Got a Piece

The results are in from tonight’s competition.  I held on to one third place.  Nothing else placed.  It was a great competition with some fantastic entries.  As I promised, I’d relay the feedback from the entries.  For my two contestants today (Tracy and Michaela)   you can see how your comments fared, although you both threw some softballs. 🙂  I’ll go in the order of judging.  Clicking on the image will give the exact resolution that was judged.  All the commentary is obviously paraphrased since I didn’t record it. 🙂 (more…)

Another Good Round

Last night’s photo club was good.   I entered four images, one in each digital category (I have not yet submitted prints) and won first in each.  These, along with my last entries will be judged together along with the top photos from clubs in  the area at the next bimonthly 6C competition.  I am very curious how they fare at that event.  This is all very exciting. 🙂

Good Morning San Francisco - Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

Good Morning San Francisco - Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA - Travel (Digital)

Wish Maker

Wish Maker - Monochrome (Digital)

The Terror of Happy Hollow - San Jose, CA

The Terror of Happy Hollow - San Jose, CA - Photojournalism (Digital)

Mystical Morning - Color Pictorial (Digital)

Some Photo Club Success

Last night I had some successes in the Light & Shadow Camera Club in Pictorial, Travel and Photojournalism.  A couple first places and thirds.  I’m excited since I still feel pretty new to photography and I have only had a DSLR since September of ’09.  Yes, I have had other point-and-shoot cameras, but I never took them too seriously.   The other photographers in the club are very experienced and constantly put out  amazing photographs and I learn quite a bit from their work, techniques and criticisms.   Placing in competition could be a bad thing however, it will just encourage me which will likely lead to wanting more lenses, filters, flashes, etc etc. 🙂

Here are the images I submitted that did well.

Sunset at the Dumbarton Bridge

Sunset at the Dumbarton Bridge - Travel

Return Flight to Kansas

Return Flight to Kansas - Color Pictorial

Power Hit

Power Hit - U6 Girls Softball San Jose - Photojournalism

Four Generations of San Jose

Four Generations of San Jose - Travel

Winter Beckons
Winter Beckons – Color Pictorial