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I love being close enough to walk to farmer’s market.  When the weather is nice it makes for a good Sunday morning event.  One house along the way has a wonderful flower garden in the front yard.  I stopped to take a few shots, and let my girls try their hand at some as well.

These Alyssum Flowers are my work but it won’t be long until I’m featuring the kids stuff.  They love taking flower pictures. But the rule apparently is, one photo per flower please.  No more.  No duplicates, no matter if it is from one location or another.  That means one poppy photo, one daisy photo.  I guess this means we either need a bigger garden or we’ll have to start traveling soon. 🙂

Alyssum Flowers



This is a cable fence near Travis Marina just north of San Francisco.  The fence was to keep cars from driving near the trail and cliff just behind where this photo was taken.  The sun was late in the day so it gave warmer tones.  I added in some black and increased the contrast a bit.  Overall I like the composition, texture and colors.

Daily Shoot #28: Bokeh with bite

#DS28: “Sunday challenge time: Break out a bigger camera if you can and use a wide aperture to work with DOF and bokeh!”

I love messing with DOF.  Thought of using  this for the DOF assignment while I was taking pictures of the creek on the other side of the fence.

Daily Shoot #27: Holiday Lights

#DS27 “Lots of lights are already up for the holiday season. Festive and bright! Make a photo.”

I’m mildly happy with this.  I may re-do this assignment if I get inspired.