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California Wildflower


What are these little iridescent pearl flower buds?  I have no idea.  I found them in the local hills on a bush and are very cool.  I have no idea what they look like in bloom.  If you know what they are, let me know, I was unable to identify them online.


Salsify Seeds II

Salsify Seeds II

What do you do when you don’t have a macro lens and you want to get on the Dandelion Bandwagon (1, 2, 3)?  Get a bigger dandelion!   Again, we have Salsify seeds setup in my ‘studio’.  In the afternoon, the sun comes through a window in my house and has served as my back-lighting system for awhile.  I think it worked well here.  The one thing I don’t have and need is a black backdrop to make something like this stand out even better.

The details in the fibers are wonderful.  Click through to see them in good detail.

Broom Bush

Broom Bush

Broom bush from the front yard.  These things smell wonderful when in bloom.  Sadly this is almost done blooming for the year.

Yellow Mustard

I find yellow flowers extremely challenging to photograph.  I’m not sure why they always lose their detail and appear so flat.  No matter how I work the camera and the post-processing I always struggle with a attaining rich looking image.  I’d love to hear pointers on how to make yellows feel as sharp and deep as other colors.

This image was taken in a very vibrant field of yellow mustard.  The colors were fantastic.  While this is nice and I like this image quite a bit, It doesn’t capture what I saw.  It was all much more vibrant and had more texture in the petals.

Yellow Mustard

Reaching for the Sun

Reaching for the Sun

More from the walk to the farm.  This time we have a happy little sunflower with some definite personality.   This flower was just begging to be photographed.  It was in a challenging location and it was tough to get an angle on it, let alone one where the camera would be still.  I love the wide range of colors in this shot.



At Deer Hollow Farm in the park on Sunday, there was a small garden with this Papaver poppy growing.  The delicate red paper-thin wrinkled petals and how they catch the light are just wonderful.   The white anthers and purple filaments combined with the bright yellow pistil that looks like a fancy pat of butter work so well for this large flower.

Thistle and Honeybee

Honeybee and Thistle - Apis mellifera - Silybum marianum - Schizaphis graminum

One of my new recent favorites!  Today, I took the kids hiking through the hills in San Antonio Park with some friends to visit Deer Hollow Farm.  The flowering thistles were drawing my attention but not delivering in any shots, no matter how much I encouraged them.  Along the hike, my friend mentioned the bee on a nearby thistle.  Needless to say, that was followed by several clicking sounds coming from my camera.

I love the pollen on this bee, the colors, clarity, aphids and spider web.

Deep Red

Deep Red

Okay, I found one more image that worked from yesterday’s rose garden outing.   Also, there is an image I had high hopes for, but in the end doesn’t work for me.  The more interesting part to me is the action that happened where i wasn’t looking (or focused for that matter).  Oh I wish I had seen it when it was going down!  That is the one drawback to the remote shutter release. 🙂

One of the Hardest Captures

Today’s capture comes with pain, frustration, and a bit of misery.  I wanted to jet off to get some photos in the evening light at the Heritage Rose Garden in San Jose.  The kids wanted to come along to take flower pictures of their own.  Sounds good.  I get the nice light, they get to hang out, my wife gets a break.

That is where things went wrong.  The rose garden isn’t really too close to anything.  As in, it’s not setup like a regular park.  So when my older daughter said, “I need to go potty really really bad,” just after I setup for my first photo after we drove out there; I had to figure out how to deal with the situation.  We worked around the issue, and I won’t go into detail how, but lets just say, timing was critical.

Back to shooting.  Of course, it’s quite windy so every shot takes tons of patience.  At least I have my tripod and remote shutter release.  Until I hear.  “She fell!  She fell and hurt herself!”  Apparently the kids were playing on a hill and my youngest one fell on the concrete and cut the inside of her lip, poor thing (she’s fine now).  That marked the end of the photo trip.  40 minutes of total driving, and 20 minutes of highly distracted shooting.  I wasn’t really happy with any of the shots, so here is the best of the outing.  Oh, in 30 more minutes, this one would have been so sweet.

White Roses

Happy Mother’s Day

Yellow Gazania

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s reading.  We’ll be celebrating with a nice brunch and then keeping the kids away from the house so mom can relax in peace.