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Some Photo Club Success

Last night I had some successes in the Light & Shadow Camera Club in Pictorial, Travel and Photojournalism.  A couple first places and thirds.  I’m excited since I still feel pretty new to photography and I have only had a DSLR since September of ’09.  Yes, I have had other point-and-shoot cameras, but I never took them too seriously.   The other photographers in the club are very experienced and constantly put out  amazing photographs and I learn quite a bit from their work, techniques and criticisms.   Placing in competition could be a bad thing however, it will just encourage me which will likely lead to wanting more lenses, filters, flashes, etc etc. 🙂

Here are the images I submitted that did well.

Sunset at the Dumbarton Bridge

Sunset at the Dumbarton Bridge - Travel

Return Flight to Kansas

Return Flight to Kansas - Color Pictorial

Power Hit

Power Hit - U6 Girls Softball San Jose - Photojournalism

Four Generations of San Jose

Four Generations of San Jose - Travel

Winter Beckons
Winter Beckons – Color Pictorial



Frosted Juniper

I captured this on a frosty morning.  I love how this one turned out.

Frosty Morning Rose

Frosty Rose

I captured this frost and ice covered rose just before sunrise.

Frosty Leaf in Grass

Frosty Leaf in Grass

It was quite cold, for a Californian, this morning.    I like the steel colors that are warmed up by the leaf. Also, I love the individual crystals.  The focus is just perfect to see each crystal along the leaf.  The bushes in the far background  deepen the color just before the picture trails off near the top.  This is one of my favorite photos.