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Queried Creativity

While doing some data-mining this evening at work, I thought I would try to complete some of my lagging Daily Shoot assignments.  The time during query execution is only so entertaining so why not fill it with something more fun. I don’t own a fancy flash, so the only lighting help I can get is from the sun, room lighting or my trusty pop-up flash.  This evening I thought I would try to make my pop-up flash shots look good instead of washed out.

Precarious Pushpin – this shot was taken with a 8×11 piece of paper held just at the end of the lens to diffuse the flash.  Overall the results of this look decent to me.  The pin is slightly pushed into a plastic bottle cap.

#ds94 – Fragility conveys tension. Make a photo today of a person or object in a fragile state.

Girl Scout CookiesNo fancy title for this one but it did have a cumbersome lighting setup.  Well, it was more like a few sheets of paper setup on the sides of the cookies.  I had one piece of paper on the right and left sides of the cookies angled at about a 45 degrees from the flash to bounce light towards the cookies.  I had a third piece of paper that I held at a very steep angle, maybe 20 degrees off of parallel with the lens towards the paper on the right.  This allowed the majority of the light to come from the paper on the right, while still providing some fill light from the front and a bit from the left.  Not bad for a pop-up flash and no studio if I do say so myself. 🙂   I consider this my “experimentation” for this DS assignment.

#ds107 – Find out what those buttons and dials on your camera do. Play today! Try a new setting and make a photo. (via @dibytes)