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Roadside Barn

Roadside Barn

This little barn sits just outside of Davenport, Iowa.  The doors don’t appear to work anymore as they are off the tracks or off the hinges.  In looking for a good barn to photograph without burning lots of gas randomly driving around in my limited time with a car, I resorted to Google Street View.  I was able to find some good spots which also provided some spontaneous subjects along the way.

For this shot, I like the detail in the wood and clouds and how it all comes together.  This is nice in color as well, but the black & white brings out the contrast nicely.


Down by the River – The Centennial Bridge

Centennial Bridge

Getting out of the house, the kids and I took a walk along the Mississippi riverfront.  Along the way we saw some firefighters that allowed them to get inside of the bucket of their tower ladder truck.  They didn’t get to go up the 7 floors that it extends, but it was fun for them to get up in there.  Along our walk we strolled under Centennial bridge that connects Davenport, IA with Rock Island, IL.    The clouds made for a great backdrop to the span.

Duck Creek at Sunset

Duck Creek at Sunset

Other than the stifling humidity, it is great to go feet from the house and have tons of vegetation, creeks, and fun things for the kids to do.  I wasn’t able to get out to see a sunset in the fields, but the creek did very nicely.  I love how the water caught the light.

Golfing in Iowa

Glynn's Creek Golf Course

I’m off on a short family visit in Iowa this week and man, is it green here.  The brown grasses and hills of California make one forget just how different it is in the middle of the country.  Looking out the airplane window, all you see is green green green with creeks, streams and rivers cutting up the farmland.  I managed to get out to the golf course with the some of the family yesterday and play 18 holes.  This one spot had a great view down the hole with the cart perfectly positioned in the foreground.  Way off in the distance beyond the green, is the corn fields.

If the clouds cooperate in the next few days, I’m going to chase down a barn or two and see if they’ll play nice for the camera.  I even rented a wide-angle lens for this trip in my efforts to replicate a FunkySlug image.  My work’s cut out for me :).

Below is another view of the course with the sun cutting through the clouds.

Sun Cutting Through Clouds