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My youngest daughter was playing at the beach in Santa Barbara in her sun dress and I grabbed this photo.  Everything about her pose, expression, the long grasses, sand and hill behind her screamed for a vintage look.  I used Nik Silver Efex Pro to get the look I was going for.  Some have said I need to crop it, and I can see why from a composition perspective, but I’ll be leaving it just as it is since I like the environment.


Enjoying the Setting Sun

Enjoying the Setting Sun

A bit of daydreaming while riding a bicycle as the sun gets low in the horizon.  I love the lighting in this.



A few months ago, I rented some lights and messed around with learning how they work.  I took a few photos of my family.  Here is one I really liked that came out of my little experiment.  My daughter had been upset about something that little kids get upset about.  She had also just gotten out of the bath.  Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed by my setup.  The upside is an awesome photo! 🙂

Maui Madness

Boogie Boarding in Maui

Okay, to come clean, work wasn’t the only reason I haven’t been posting. 🙂  Earlier this month we took a week-long vacation to Maui to enjoy the nice warm weather, water and relax.  Photography on a family vacation isn’t the easiest thing to get out and do, but I did manage to get a few decent images from the trip.  We’ll start with my daughter having a blast on the boogie board at Ulua State Beach.  In the background you can see the West Maui Mountains.  The vacation was a blast and the family had a great time.

I love this shot since it just freezes the excitement perfectly and has a decent amount of location orientation included.

Deep in Thought

Deep in Thought

This image pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling the last couple weeks.  Completely wrapped up in what I’m doing and oblivious to the outside world.  I think I have caught up, for now, to all I need to get done and can resume posting here.

What we’re looking at is my four-year-old daughter (she would correct me, 4 1/2) painting a mug for Mother’s day.  This was a great moment where she paused to figure out what her next move was to trace the outline of what she wanted to paint.

Day of the Living Goofball

Day of the Living Goofball

I love dark, gritty images, so lets go dark again and keep up the variety.  I’ll opt-out of telling the story behind this one to let your imagination kick in.