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Salsify, Revisited

Lets take a break from the California coast and once again revisit our (well maybe just my) favorite gigantic dandelion, the Salsify plant and its softball-sized seed ball.  Before this year, I had never heard or seen one before.  Now they are all over the place.  It must have something to do with the abnormally cold weather we’ve been subject to.

To get these images, attempted to pick the seed head off the plant to give it a proper backdrop.  Unlike a regular dandelion where this is a trivial task, salsify required me to resort to more aggressive tactics like such as employing a pair of scissors because breaking the fibrous stem by hand was difficult and risked disrupting the seeds.

Salsify Seeds on Head

Salsify Seeds



Yellow Trailing Gazania & the Ant

Gazania & the Ant

This was a rushed shot as we were heading out today.  I could have spent another 30 minutes on it, but what are you going to do if you have places to be?  This ant, and one other were climbing around in the Gazania flower.  Once again, using the reverse-lens macro, this time dropped down to 28mm, I was able to get quite close.  There are still focus issues since it was breezy and everything was handheld.  I do however, like this little guy, especially since he’s just a tiny black ant and shows up decently here.

Well Hello, Daisy

Well Hello, Daisy

Today I bought a circular polarizing filter.  So naturally, what is the first thing I do to break it in?  Take it off the camera and do some reverse-lens macro shots.  It’s what you would have done, right?  That’s what I thought.

What we’re looking at here is a little daisy that was growing in the grass field of a local school.  This was taken at 135mm focal length.  Isn’t this shot one that is required of anyone taking flower photos?  I thought it was, so I made my attempt at it.


Lichen in the Morning

Lichen in the Morning

I am borrowing a bit of composition style today from my friend Jonathon who has some amazing shots of flower and foliage details.  This is some lichen on a branch along the Almaden Creek Trail in San Jose.  This was taken on an early February morning while attempting to get one of my Daily Shoot shots together.  Until work lets up some, I’ll be posting from the archives for another couple days.

Fun with Reversed Lens Macro

Now that the weather is nice, and spring is in full swing why not try to get up close to the flowers and show some of the colorful personality?  This series of photos was taken with my 28 – 135mm lens while inverted and  handheld.  It was fun to experiment with the shallow DOF and different ways to have the focus come-and-go.  To make things even better, I was able to use each of these for my Daily Shoot project to try and catch up as I am woefully behind.

Paraguay Nightshade – Solanum rantonnetii

#ds116 – “Rules” can be stifling if taken to extremes. Break the rules today with focus, composition, etc, and see what happens.

California Lilac – Ceanothus impressus

#ds113 – Take care of the Monday blues by picking up your camera. Make a photograph dominated by the color blue.

Dandelion – Taraxacum officinale

#ds120 – Trees and plants are great photographic subjects. Make a photograph of a tree or plant today.


#ds121 – Today’s theme is “3”. Make a photograph that features the number itself or otherwise represents 3 items.