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Mission San Miguel

Mission San Miguel

I took a brief weekend excursion to Paso Robles this last weekend.  While there, I took a bit of time to photograph Mission San Miguel.  The lighting at the time I was there wasn’t ideal, and I didn’t end up with a huge number of shots that I loved, but I did get a couple.  I love the old doors and weathered wall on this and how the small potted plant works with the sparseness of the space.  I just with that pot wasn’t plastic. 🙂


Study – John Muir House

Study - John Muir House

This is the study from the John Muir House.  The room was filled with lots of books and knick-knacks.  It would be cool to be able to browse around it more, but the actual space wasn’t accessible, so a photo would have to do.  I like the old typewriter in the corner.

Stored Memories – The John Muir House Attic

Stored Memories - The John Muir House Attic

In the attic of the John Muir house, there is this cool, old baby carriage.   This shot was challenging since it was really dark.  As you can see there are some harsh shadows from the light bulbs off-frame.  Again, this is a 3 exposure HDR image, with the longest being 30 seconds.  In PP, I tried to create a very dusty, old feel that was the modern lighting attempted to steal from the scene.

Inside the John Muir House – Piano and Window

Inside the John Muir House - Piano and Window

Today I was lucky enough to be invited on a photography field trip with the Peninsula Camera Club to go out shooting the mothballed navy ships in Suisun Bay as well as the John Muir house in Martinez, CA.  This image is a shot of one of the rooms in the John Muir house looking out to the front.  It has a piano and some chairs.  Off to the left is a fireplace that my lens was just not wide enough to pick out.  I was a bit limited with what I could include in the shots since I can’t get too wide.  I will definitely have to visit her again when I get some better gear.  Look forward to more shots from the John Muir house as well as some shots of the fleet, including the USS Iowa.

Inside an Old Barn

Barns are wonderful subjects for photography.  I was curious if it was true on the inside as well.  While it is cool to be inside an old barn, without a wide-angle lens, it is much more difficult to get good shots.  This barn had a leaky roof and it had recently been raining so everything was wet inside.  I have had these shots for some time and never posted them.  I think it’s about time.

Inside Old Barn

Moonlit Barn

This last shot is processed to simulate the moonlight.  I wasn’t a huge fan of it in color.  The blue tones give this an eerie feeling that I really like.

Rusted Bolt in Old Mossy Fence

This HDR image is composed of 3 exposures.  My goal here was to keep it very natural looking.  There are slight bumps in saturation to bring out the grass, which is actually very green on-site.  I’m very pleased with the results.  The amount of detail in the wood and the growth on the fence is very sharp.   This was taken at the same location as my previous photo, Old Barn, off of Casa Loma Rd. near Morgan Hill.  Click through to see the detail on SmugMug.

Old Barn

Today’s short outing, while mostly unsuccessful, did result in a couple decent images.  This one is of an old barn off Casa Loma Rd. near Morgan Hill.