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I really like this image.  This is a single grab-shot that I got really lucky with.  Walking through downtown, I noticed a nice row of benches curling around in the park across the street.  Surprisingly, there were no people walking around at the time.  Just this one gentleman who was sitting on the center bench watching the world go by.  I liked the scene, which was about to vanish as the crosswalk signal was turning green, sending pedestrians scurrying.  The scene was about to vanish forever.  Thankfully, the camera was already in aperture priority mode so I didn’t have to fuss with it.  Rather, just lift, check the corners and shoot.  And just as soon as the shutter fired, I lost the scene.  No do-overs.

After taking it, I thought it would be nice but nothing special.  That changed when I brought it up at home,  in Lightroom.  As it turns out, he wasn’t the only one in the cross-hairs.  I was  as well!  His expression made this photo!


Past Prime

I like this shot.  However, I have no idea what kind of plant it is.  If you know, please let me know and I’ll update this post.  I took this at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View.

Recursion Error

Today I wanted to experiment with doing some cloning photography to learn the ropes.  (Click the image for more detail). An overcast sky meant I didn’t have to worry too much about strong, moving shadows.  Four attempts at the shot later I ended up with what you see above.    The others, while more tightly framed, required more cooperation from the kids.  Despite showing them example photos prior to the shoot to get their excitement up,  things fell apart when  instruction started.  This meant several shots were nothing but pouting, reluctant children.

Taking a step back with a wider framing and instead of instruction, doing games, changed the story entirely.  Now they were running around, having fun and playing like I wanted them to.  This made the rest of the shoot easy and then the post-process time.  Combining the shots together was pretty straightforward.  Now I’m thinking about something more interesting I could try with this cool, even if faddish, technique.

Daily Shoot #35: Landscapes

#DS35: “Sundays are a great day for a stroll in nature. Make a landscape photo today, remembering the rule of thirds. Enjoy!”

A nice sunny Sunday December afternoon in Los Gatos, CA.

Daily Shoot #8: How Ants See the World

#DS8: “How do ants see the world? Change your viewpoint. Make a photograph with your camera at floor level.”

I was hoping I would get someone at this park to walk by on the sidewalk to add a sense of scale.  I think the camera scared people away.

Daily Shoot #3: Rule of Thirds

#DS3: “Let’s play around with composition. Give us your best rule of thirds shot. Make it obvious, then reply with a link!”

Guadalupe Park area, San Jose