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Turret, Tower & Bridge – USS Iowa BB-61

Turret, Tower & Bridge - USS Iowa BB-61

Continuing my journey around the mighty battleship is this view of one of the main guns, the bridge and the tower.  This illustrates just how massive these guns truly are.   The clouds couldn’t have been more cooperative at the moment I was snapping the shutter on this one.  This was just at the start of the roped-off section, hence the lack of people in this image.


USS Iowa – BB-61

BB-61, USS Iowa

I ended 2011 with another trip to the USS Iowa.  This time I was able to get on board!  The ship is finally getting restored and prepped for its voyage to Southern California.  In the meantime, they are letting people check out the foredeck.  I took the opportunity to push the 10-22mm lens.  Close quarters, huge structures lots of people make for a challenging shooting environment.  On a positive note, the morning clouds & sun were extremely cooperative. This shot is one of my favorites of the day.   I’ll post a few more and I plan to visit again in a couple weeks.  Maybe there will be additional areas we can look at.  I’d love to capture more of the ship before it’s fully restored.

Happy New Year everyone!  This year, I want to at least get an image a week posted.   Despite shooting well over 25k images last year, I only managed to post a couple.  This year should be better. 🙂