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Deep Red

Deep Red

Okay, I found one more image that worked from yesterday’s rose garden outing.   Also, there is an image I had high hopes for, but in the end doesn’t work for me.  The more interesting part to me is the action that happened where i wasn’t looking (or focused for that matter).  Oh I wish I had seen it when it was going down!  That is the one drawback to the remote shutter release. 🙂


Through a Child’s Eyes


This is not my photograph. It’s my six-year-old daughter’s!  On Sunday, during our walk to farmer’s market, she was very interested in shooting her flowers.  This is one of the images.  I think she chose a great subject and a killer background for it.  It almost looks like a studio setup.  Rather, it was in someone’s yard.  I better look out, that kid will be passing me up soon enough. 🙂

Sunlit Rose

Sunlit Rose

The “other” decent image from my photo-walk last night.  I’m a fan of the translucent petals and reflective tips. While I was taking these, the ower of the the house was  leaving in the car.  I always wonder how people feel when I’m camped out shooting their flowers.  They never said a word before they drove off into the sunset (and cast a brief shadow on the roses).

Frosty Morning Rose

Frosty Rose

I captured this frost and ice covered rose just before sunrise.