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America in Recession

America in Recession

Today I saw the full extent of the recession here in the United States.  We can’t even afford bald eagles for photo ops.  We’re settling for bald seagulls in front of old flags.


Cool Water Flyin’

Seagull in Monterey

Doesn’t this make you want to go for a swim?  This shot was achieved through skillful negotiation, and patience.  The birds were flying in and out of this little cove and the family wanted to move on.  Of course once I setup for the background, the birds decided to take a rest from flying.  This didn’t help my small window of opportunity to get the shot I foresaw.  As luck would have it, everyone wanted to take a break like the birds and took a breather.  This gave me five more minutes to sit and wait.  Even though I would have preferred an incoming seagull, I was pleased to get this guy on his way out.   He’s in a good spot, great wing angle, and I can still see his eye.  Perfect.

A Handsome Seagull

While shooting at Travis Marina, I found this fine seagull model.  He made sure to pose a few times for photographs.  In the end he looks quite stunning with his bright plumage and yellow eye and beak.  This is my contribution for Daily Shoot #80, a tack-sharp focus.

#ds80 – Make a “sharp” photo today any way you interpret it, either tack-sharp focus or a subject that is sharp itself.

Seagull in Flight

This was shot at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View.  This time, the camera was properly setup for bird photography.  I like the tones and position of the Seagull here.

Seafood Breakfast with a Golf Course View – Daily Shoot 77

On an early morning shoot which failed to deliver any good sunrise shots, it did lend more favorably to the wildlife.  The seagulls were dropping mussels to break the shells and then diving after them to guard their meal.   One aggressive large one would then chase them off of their food.  He was able to score a few free meals that way.

#ds77 – “Sunday Challenge: Wherever there’s an edge, there’s energy. Make a photo where two things meet: land-water, land-sky, etc.”