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Orange Morning

Orange Morning

Okay, lets take a break from the islands and enjoy one more sunrise from the Newark Slough.  Don’t worry, we’ll get back to Maui soon enough.

This image is one that was fraught with user-error in the taking, and yet ended up pretty decent.  I had the camera setup on some long exposures in bracketing mode. As I was setting up for the shot, the sky was lighting up with brilliant oranges and I accidentally hit the shutter.  30 seconds to wait for it to finish?  I don’t think so.  Off went the camera.  Back on, change settings and finish.  Unfortunately the brillance faded to some degree before I could shoot again.  Overall, I think it turned out pretty decent.


Sunrise at Newark Slough

Sunrise at Newark Slough

This is the perfect time of year to do sunrise photos.  They are happening closer and closer to the time of day I actually want to wake up.  Once the time changes it get all that much harder.  So after a long period of working too hard and photographing too little, I actually went out with some friends to do some shooting.  Today we’re looking at the Newark Slough with a footbridge crossing it.  Everything about the morning was cooperative, including the clouds, sun and water.

Its fun to get out shooting again after realizing I’ve been working too hard.  I do have a mini backlog so look for more images soon.  Hopefully I’ll build back up some readers after leaving everyone for so long :).

Sunrise Captured by Fog and Tree

Sunrise Captured by Fog and Tree

In Woodside, CA on a photo-walk with some friends, we caught a great sunrise that was enhanced by some trees and fog.  I wanted to try my hand at a few different HDR shots and this one seemed to fit nicely.  I have been working on-and-off with this image for awhile , trying to find the right balance the 6 images used and the Lightroom recipe to get it how I liked it.  Tricky areas on this shot were in the tree branches and the grass.

I really like the color range in this shot which is pretty natural.  Other than a slight bump in saturation and a tiny nudge in temperature, there isn’t anything fancy going on here. There is quite a bit of detail on this image and it is worth looking at larger.

Since HDR is still quite new to me, (not to mention trying to be more serious about Photography in general) I’d love to hear how this shot could be improved further.

Sunrise at Almaden Lake

This morning I caught the sunrise at Almaden Lake in San Jose.  It was great to be there as the birds were waking up, the light was changing and the world came to life.  This was good practice in dealing with quickly changing lighting conditions and fast-motion photography.   To top it off, Mt. Umunhum and Mt. Loma Prieta made for a great backdrop to the flying geese.  Here are some highlights.  The rest can be found here.