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Marin Lookout


Marin Lookout

San Francisco VA Medical Center, Point Bonita Lighthouse, and this old army lookout line up in this shot.  Since I love shooting gritty old and abused structures against picturesque scenes, this worked very well for me.  The orange on the building is from the glow of the setting sun.  You can get glimpses of it on the lighthouse in the distance.  The clarity is pretty good for that structure as well, which you can see by clicking through.



Sunset in the Marin Headlands

Marin Headlands Sunset

The day in the Marin Headlands let us have a nice, golden, somewhat hazy sunset.  Off in the distance you can see an old army lookout station with a bit of graffiti on it.  I’ll post a close-up of that in a couple days.  The light on the iceplant worked really well for this shot.  I just wish I had a round aperture and possibly an ND filter to really bring this image home.

Duck Creek at Sunset

Duck Creek at Sunset

Other than the stifling humidity, it is great to go feet from the house and have tons of vegetation, creeks, and fun things for the kids to do.  I wasn’t able to get out to see a sunset in the fields, but the creek did very nicely.  I love how the water caught the light.

New Corporate Headquarters

New Corporate Headquarters

The company I work for is in the process of a buildout of our new corporate headquarters.  I took the evening to go in during the buildout and get some photos, both documentary ones and art ones.   Next week they are going to run cables so I may stop by to get some more.  I’m hoping to catch a really messy moment.  I’ll share a few of these as I work on them.

This one is one of the folding chairs that was in the space caught by the sunset coming through the windows.  The flooring was removed and I loved the textures, lines and shadows.


After the games were played in the street, it was necessary to clean up all the broken eggs and other mess.  What better way to do that than with a fire hose?

Standing Proud

Standing Proud

How does one 6 year old look near the end of a good day before the fireworks start?  Quite happy and proud of course!  I love her expression, and the warmth from the sun.  I’m considering removing the kids on the right if I print this out for home-use, or just cropping it tighter.

Independence Day

Independence Day

I’ve been away from the camera for awhile and at the computer quite a bit.  The holiday weekend provided just right setup to resume shooting.   On the morning of the 4th, my daughter (on left) was more excited than she has been in a long time.  She kept going on-and-on about how she loved the 4th of  July.  I couldn’t fully understand it until we got to the block-party.  She had the whole street where she could do just about whatever she wanted for as long as she wanted to do it.  Little parental oversight,  lots of independence.

This photo of the girls playing summed up their mood for the day.  Having lots of fun, not a care in the world.  Its the only day of the week were nobody says a word that you left your scooter lying in the street.

Airport Sunset III

Airport Sunset III

A third sunset image from my recent trip to the south end of the San Jose International Airport.  This one grew on me over the last few days so I thought I’d share it.  I missed today’s spectacular sunset other than enjoying from the driveway.  I thought I would try this as an entry into Skywatch Friday.

Airport Sunset II

Airport Sunset

One more sunset from Saturday’s short excursion.  I made my attempt to capture this as I saw it, and it was gorgeous.  I wanted a plane in the shot, but I am not sure what I would have done with one since I bet it would have been blurry with the long shutter speeds.

Sunset Near the Airport

Sunset Sun and Clouds

Yesterday evening, after a day with the family, the clouds were setting up for a promising sunset.  Since the airport isn’t too far away and the sun is getting closer to lining up with the end of the runway, I wanted to get some planes against the nice backdrop of a gorgeous sunset.

This proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. My assumption was that there would be a stream of planes constantly landing which would make it easy to get one right where I wanted when I wanted it.  This wasn’t the case.  The frequency of planes was quite sporadic and the sun moves pretty quickly at the end of the day.  Also, there isn’t really a great place to setup.   I did find a legal place to park which was a bit low so I had to get creative.   I setup the focus and camera settings for the lighting but the angle was wrong.  So, I ended up with the tripod on top of my car, extended as tall as I could make it, while I stood on the seats with half my body out the sunroof.    The post-shot viewfinder about 4 feet above my head was all I could use to verify things were just right.  Minor framing adjustments were made by moving the tripod legs.  I couldn’t tell when a plane was in-frame.  A bit of spray and pray helped with that. 🙂

Plane Landing at Sunset

This plane shot above would be sweet if it was taken 1/2 second sooner, putting the plane at the top left corner.   I’m going to have to get back and try again next time we have a promising sunset!