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There were a few almond (amond for those of you without your “l’s” 🙂 ) trees on the photowalk.  I am not sure if they were wild or not.  These are not quite ripe yet, but when they are, I’m sure they will be tasty.


Snowy Tree in Tahoe

Snowy Tree in Tahoe

The title says it all.  This was taken back in February while taking a weekend break to South Lake Tahoe.  This shot hasn’t sat well with me (why it hasn’t gone on the site until May), but has gone over well with the family (which is why it’s here at all).  Usually it is the opposite, they don’t like it and I do.  🙂   Let me know what works and what doesn’t.  Maybe I’m missing something.

Bee Cluster

Honeybee Cluster

I didn’t go out shooting today with any intent to photograph more bees.  However, this, I could not pass up.  While walking through an old orchard,  I noticed a large something hanging from a tree. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be hundreds of bees. Perhaps a thousand or more? I probably got about 10 or 15 feet away to take this shot (and a few others). I was a bit nervous to get much closer. At first I thought this was a hive, but when I returned later in the day to get more shots, all of the bees were gone. In reading on this, it looks like the hive had split and this group was looking for a new home.

The close-up detail (while not super-sharp) gives a good perspective on just how crazy the cluster was.

This shot is a single-shot HDR to bring out the details in the cluster. This was taken around noon so the lighting was horrible.

Lone Tree, Morgan Hill

Lone Tree, Morgan Hill

Today I’m taking things in a completely different direction.  It’s all about experimenting for me in this shot.  I’m going for a sense of old, a sense of dark, and a bit scary.  Almost like a zombie silhouette will appear  over the hill.  I really like the steep angle, the white fence and the low clouds in this shot.  I’m also a fan of trying to make some eerie images, even if I’m the only one that appreciates them. 🙂  (see my parking garage set.  Another experiment with the dark side)

I’m curious what works and what doesn’t on this shot.  Let me know.

Lichen in the Morning

Lichen in the Morning

I am borrowing a bit of composition style today from my friend Jonathon who has some amazing shots of flower and foliage details.  This is some lichen on a branch along the Almaden Creek Trail in San Jose.  This was taken on an early February morning while attempting to get one of my Daily Shoot shots together.  Until work lets up some, I’ll be posting from the archives for another couple days.

Buzz Buzz

The evening light today was perfect for shooting some tree blossoms and the busy bees working on them.  I was using my 28-135 lens for these shots which means I had to crop quite a bit to get the right detail.  The real challenge here was sharp focus with the quickly moving bees.  For that, I used live view, zoomed in to  quickly  manually focus on the bees while somewhat still.  Once they started to move, I let the rapid-fire shutter go.  This collection is out of about 30 total attempts.

Budding Flowers on Tree – Daily Shoot 64

Budding Flowers on Tree

A quick find today during a break in the rain.   These brightly colored flower buds are opening on a small tree outside my office.  The glass of the office building provided the nice dark tones to really highlight the colors here.

#ds64 – “Practice the art of simplicity today by making an interesting photo from a minimalist perspective (@domingocaceres).”

Sunrise Captured by Fog and Tree

Sunrise Captured by Fog and Tree

In Woodside, CA on a photo-walk with some friends, we caught a great sunrise that was enhanced by some trees and fog.  I wanted to try my hand at a few different HDR shots and this one seemed to fit nicely.  I have been working on-and-off with this image for awhile , trying to find the right balance the 6 images used and the Lightroom recipe to get it how I liked it.  Tricky areas on this shot were in the tree branches and the grass.

I really like the color range in this shot which is pretty natural.  Other than a slight bump in saturation and a tiny nudge in temperature, there isn’t anything fancy going on here. There is quite a bit of detail on this image and it is worth looking at larger.

Since HDR is still quite new to me, (not to mention trying to be more serious about Photography in general) I’d love to hear how this shot could be improved further.

Sunset at the Dumbarton

Today I left work a bit early in hopes of catching some of the waning light of the day. The wildlife sanctuary at the Dumbarton bridge was a good place as any to try and complete a couple Daily Shoot assignments.  While at it, I was hoping to get a bit more practice with sunset photography and if really lucky catch a good picture of a bird.  While still only owning a 28-135 lens, I wasn’t holding out for a killer bird picture.

This is the type of shot I was after.  I am not necessarily thrilled with it, but it was fun to try and get this one.  Finding the dead tree and placing it against the power lines and marsh seemed like a good combination.  I think a wider lens may have made this a bit more dramatic.  I am using this one for #ds43: “Trees come in all shapes and sizes. This time of year they may be covered in snow. Make a photo of an interesting tree.”

I would be hard-pressed to find one with snow out here.

After my attempts with the sunset, I noticed this next shot with my car. 
I liked the way the car, the radio tower, fence and bridge came together.  For this one I waited until a truck drove by to add a sense of bustle.

Finally, my other favorite shot from this mini-outing was the photo of four cones that were stuck in the silty mud under the bridge.  I love how dirty this photo is and how along with the bright reflections in the water.  The cones captured the setting sun to make it look like a flash was used on this shot.

Finally, I have been hunting for a picture for #ds41: “Share a little bit about yourself by making a photo that exemplifies your part of the country or world. (@book_up)” While this one is similar to the one with the tree, it captures a bit more about the area.  Marsh, Wildlife, hills and the power that drives silicon valley.

Daily Shoot #23: Morning Beverage

#DS23: “We can all use a little boost to get started in the morning. Make a photograph of your morning beverage of choice.”

What better than nice warm coffee in the morning.  Barefoot Coffee, in a french press.

These indoor still life photos are making me want to get some lighting.  These are warm, but I can’t get the colors to be just the way I want.