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Abandoned Shack

Abandoned Shack

Just outside the suburban areas of San Jose you’ll find lots of farmland that provides several possibilities for shooting rustic images.  One such opportunity, just at daybreak was a shack along the side of the road  filled with all kinds of junk.  There was some gang tagging on the walls and weeds growing up between all the clutter.  All the windows were broken out and water damage was very apparent.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love images of gritty scenes.  I’ve always been a fan abandoned places.  This image, with  the nasty mattress, cracked walls and trash contrasted with the soft, warm morning light, hills and trees has it all.  I really like this one.  It may even move to my favorites page next time I update it. 🙂


Morning at Sanborn Park in Santa Cruz Mountains

Today I took the kids out into Sanborn Park in the Santa Cruz mountains.  The redwood forest is always a spectacular place to visit.  This was my first time in this particular area.  Below is  small collection of photos from the morning, starting with the log cabin type hostel.

I love the look of this building.  The fact that moss grows absolutely everywhere out here adds tons of character to everything.  It was a challenge to capture things with just the right amount of light since the most mossy structures were also in the shade.  This collection is comprised of both single-shot and HDR images to bring out the looks I was going for.   With most of my HDR images, I prefer the more natural look.

Towering Redwood Trees

Creek outlet under path

Mossy Stairs

Creek in Sanborn Park

Creek in Sanborn Park

The first image I used for the Daily Shoot assignment:  #ds103 – Novelty can help goose creativity. Go somewhere today you’ve never been, even just a different street, and make a photo.

Yellow – Daily Shoot 48

For today’s Daily Shoot assignment, I thought I would experiment some with HDR techniques.

#ds48: “Yellow is an attention-getting color. Make a photograph that is dominated by yellow today.”