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Beached Coconut

Beached Coconut

Here we are on the west side of Maui looking at a beached coconut.  Off in the distance you can see some rock, Molokini Island and Kahoolawe Island’s humpback whale looking silhouette.


Two Bridges

Two Bridges

Our last image of the tour of the Newark Slough.  This is one more view of the footbridge with the Dumbarton Bridge off in the distance, lit up by the morning sun.  The water in the foreground is not the bay, but the marshland next to the bay.  Off in the distance you can see the power lines and the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Orange Morning

Orange Morning

Okay, lets take a break from the islands and enjoy one more sunrise from the Newark Slough.  Don’t worry, we’ll get back to Maui soon enough.

This image is one that was fraught with user-error in the taking, and yet ended up pretty decent.  I had the camera setup on some long exposures in bracketing mode. As I was setting up for the shot, the sky was lighting up with brilliant oranges and I accidentally hit the shutter.  30 seconds to wait for it to finish?  I don’t think so.  Off went the camera.  Back on, change settings and finish.  Unfortunately the brillance faded to some degree before I could shoot again.  Overall, I think it turned out pretty decent.

Sunrise at Newark Slough

Sunrise at Newark Slough

This is the perfect time of year to do sunrise photos.  They are happening closer and closer to the time of day I actually want to wake up.  Once the time changes it get all that much harder.  So after a long period of working too hard and photographing too little, I actually went out with some friends to do some shooting.  Today we’re looking at the Newark Slough with a footbridge crossing it.  Everything about the morning was cooperative, including the clouds, sun and water.

Its fun to get out shooting again after realizing I’ve been working too hard.  I do have a mini backlog so look for more images soon.  Hopefully I’ll build back up some readers after leaving everyone for so long :).

USS Iowa, BB-61

USS Iowa, BB-61

The focal point of the weekend’s photo outing, the USS Iowa Battleship.  She was commissioned in 1943, saw lots of battle in WWII, some in the Korean War and other action all along the way.  Currently she’s with the rest of the reserve and mothball fleet in Suisun Bay waiting to be turned into a museum ship.  I can’t wait for that day.  I have always been fascinated with the Iowa.  You can see in this photo a couple of the nine 16-inch guns on the deck.


After the games were played in the street, it was necessary to clean up all the broken eggs and other mess.  What better way to do that than with a fire hose?

Cool Water Flyin’

Seagull in Monterey

Doesn’t this make you want to go for a swim?  This shot was achieved through skillful negotiation, and patience.  The birds were flying in and out of this little cove and the family wanted to move on.  Of course once I setup for the background, the birds decided to take a rest from flying.  This didn’t help my small window of opportunity to get the shot I foresaw.  As luck would have it, everyone wanted to take a break like the birds and took a breather.  This gave me five more minutes to sit and wait.  Even though I would have preferred an incoming seagull, I was pleased to get this guy on his way out.   He’s in a good spot, great wing angle, and I can still see his eye.  Perfect.



What a moment to capture!  The pictured couple was sitting on the coastal rocks and I liked the double recliner nature of the rocks. So of course, up went the camera.  Wouldn’t you know that on the first click, fortune struck enough to have a huge wave crash behind our love birds.  In post, this took a bit of adjustment to keep the detail of the water spray and the colors but overall I think it turned out well.

Welcome Back, California


The month of May has been almost, if not, the coldest on record for the Bay Area.  Rain, cold, clouds.  The sun and warmth tended to appear only mid-week.  This weekend, everything is starting to feel normal.  The sun is shining, it’s warm and we went to Monterey to enjoy the coast.  Here’s a nice seagull that was brave enough to hang around while I climbed on the rocks to get closer for some  shots.

A San Francisco Morning

A San Francisco Morning

In continuing this small San Francisco series, it’s about time I posted the shot that isn’t the one I really wanted to get.  This is the closest I managed to get to that illusive shot.  This particular photo doesn’t impress me  since, without the ship, it really isn’t anything other than a photo of San Francisco that everyone has.  Instead, the  lesson I learned in acquiring this image will stay in my memory longer than the image itself.

To get the shot I really wanted, I planned, spent time in Google Earth picking the location, setting the sun angle and time-of-day, choosing the position on the hill and frame the shot  with the 3D buildings turned on.  Everything looked wonderful and sounded like a decent plan.  The morning was forecast to be a rare sunny one, free of the fog that San Francisco is famous for.  Additionally, I did some research on other photos with a similar angle.  I saw several from other photographers a the correct location, so yes, it could be done.  The idea was to have the bay bridge strongly prominent on the left side of the frame with the southern edge lit up by the sun.

The "Planned" Shot - As setup in Google Earth

The city would then appear where the last of the main cables joined with the island.  The sun would to light the bridge up a nice gold-tone, and the white on the buildings would to catch the same beautiful glow.

That isn’t what happened.  I live in San Jose, which is an hour drive away from San Francisco.  This meant waking up and being on the road by 5am at the latest to catch the show.  Again, this assumes I know exactly where I want to be and what I have to do in order to catch the 6:30am light.  Yerba Buena Island is one tough tiny island to navigate on with its windy roads.  To top it off, there is no parking.  To get the angle, I would have had to hike about a half mile at the very least.  Arriving at the island at 6am and then getting lost didn’t help matters.

Alas, I drove over to the Treasure Island portion where parking is plentiful and the angles are not.  I settled for this shot which is a good reminder of how to better prepare next time I’m going to drive an hour away and a horrible hour for a 10 minute window of opportunity.

The last bit I learned was that sunrises are not nearly as cool as sunsets.  No dust, no glory.  I wonder when that volcanic dust from Iceland will reach the Bay Area. 🙂

Google Earth still seems like a great tool for planning a shoot.  Here is the shot I ended up with as seen by Google Earth.

Google Earth view of the Photo Above