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California Wildflower


What are these little iridescent pearl flower buds?  I have no idea.  I found them in the local hills on a bush and are very cool.  I have no idea what they look like in bloom.  If you know what they are, let me know, I was unable to identify them online.




At Deer Hollow Farm in the park on Sunday, there was a small garden with this Papaver poppy growing.  The delicate red paper-thin wrinkled petals and how they catch the light are just wonderful.   The white anthers and purple filaments combined with the bright yellow pistil that looks like a fancy pat of butter work so well for this large flower.

Well Hello, Daisy

Well Hello, Daisy

Today I bought a circular polarizing filter.  So naturally, what is the first thing I do to break it in?  Take it off the camera and do some reverse-lens macro shots.  It’s what you would have done, right?  That’s what I thought.

What we’re looking at here is a little daisy that was growing in the grass field of a local school.  This was taken at 135mm focal length.  Isn’t this shot one that is required of anyone taking flower photos?  I thought it was, so I made my attempt at it.



I love being close enough to walk to farmer’s market.  When the weather is nice it makes for a good Sunday morning event.  One house along the way has a wonderful flower garden in the front yard.  I stopped to take a few shots, and let my girls try their hand at some as well.

These Alyssum Flowers are my work but it won’t be long until I’m featuring the kids stuff.  They love taking flower pictures. But the rule apparently is, one photo per flower please.  No more.  No duplicates, no matter if it is from one location or another.  That means one poppy photo, one daisy photo.  I guess this means we either need a bigger garden or we’ll have to start traveling soon. 🙂

Alyssum Flowers

Coconut Macaroon – Daily Shoot 75

At oDesk, we’re lucky that one of our coworkers is married to naka_sf, an aspiring chef.  We’re often treated to all kinds of macaroons as she experiments with variations of her recipes.  It’s always a treat.

For today’s Daily Shoot assignment, the timing of a new batch arriving at the office was perfect.  The white and green macaroons on the blue paper made for a nice composition.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tripod and it wasn’t quite as sharp as I would have liked.

#DS75: “Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Make a photo of something sweet today.”