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Yellow Wildflowers Over Lake Anderson

Yellow Wildflowers Over Lake Anderson

On the hike last Sunday with the togalongs, I noticed these little yellow flowers growing on the high bank of the lake.  I didn’t stop to shoot them on the way out, but I knew on the way back they would end up a target.  It took some work to get something that I liked, but in the end, I like the yellow against the blue water and seeing both sides of the lake.  Also, I tried the recommended technique of underexposing the shot to bring out the detail in the yellow.  Overall I think it worked quite nice.  The brightness of the yellow is still a bit lacking, but I think the detail more than makes up for it.


Yellow Mustard

I find yellow flowers extremely challenging to photograph.  I’m not sure why they always lose their detail and appear so flat.  No matter how I work the camera and the post-processing I always struggle with a attaining rich looking image.  I’d love to hear pointers on how to make yellows feel as sharp and deep as other colors.

This image was taken in a very vibrant field of yellow mustard.  The colors were fantastic.  While this is nice and I like this image quite a bit, It doesn’t capture what I saw.  It was all much more vibrant and had more texture in the petals.

Yellow Mustard

Reaching for the Sun

Reaching for the Sun

More from the walk to the farm.  This time we have a happy little sunflower with some definite personality.   This flower was just begging to be photographed.  It was in a challenging location and it was tough to get an angle on it, let alone one where the camera would be still.  I love the wide range of colors in this shot.



At Deer Hollow Farm in the park on Sunday, there was a small garden with this Papaver poppy growing.  The delicate red paper-thin wrinkled petals and how they catch the light are just wonderful.   The white anthers and purple filaments combined with the bright yellow pistil that looks like a fancy pat of butter work so well for this large flower.

When I Grow Up I’m Going to Be Different

Ladybug Larvae

What we have here is a small little creature that will grow up to be a lovely ladybug.  Yup, it’s a ladybug larvae.  I captured this guy (or lady) on a park bench yesterday.  As usual when I see insects this size, I immediately flipped over my lens and setup for a reverse-lens macro shot.  If I recall correctly, I took thisat about 135mm with the lens propped up against the arm of the bench (I was lucky that I had something to brace against).  This means I was able to be really still in comparison to many of my other RLM shots.  This image still has focus issues which I’ve decided to blame on the  minuscule DOF.  This was shot at 1/320, so camera shake should have been minimized.  Oh how this taunts me into getting a real macro lens.

Happy Mother’s Day

Yellow Gazania

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s reading.  We’ll be celebrating with a nice brunch and then keeping the kids away from the house so mom can relax in peace.

Yellow Trailing Gazania & the Ant

Gazania & the Ant

This was a rushed shot as we were heading out today.  I could have spent another 30 minutes on it, but what are you going to do if you have places to be?  This ant, and one other were climbing around in the Gazania flower.  Once again, using the reverse-lens macro, this time dropped down to 28mm, I was able to get quite close.  There are still focus issues since it was breezy and everything was handheld.  I do however, like this little guy, especially since he’s just a tiny black ant and shows up decently here.

Well Hello, Daisy

Well Hello, Daisy

Today I bought a circular polarizing filter.  So naturally, what is the first thing I do to break it in?  Take it off the camera and do some reverse-lens macro shots.  It’s what you would have done, right?  That’s what I thought.

What we’re looking at here is a little daisy that was growing in the grass field of a local school.  This was taken at 135mm focal length.  Isn’t this shot one that is required of anyone taking flower photos?  I thought it was, so I made my attempt at it.


Spring Colors

Lavender on Broom Bush

This is lavender in the foreground and broom bush providing the nice backdrop in the background.  I love the contrast here, and the evening light added just that little bit more.  The little spider web in the top completes the overall look for me.

Favorite Color – Daily Shoot 57

#DS57: “What’s your favorite color? Make a photo dominated by your favorite color today and share it!”

Yellow of course! The flash gave a nice reflection off the nearby door’s label to highlight the exit.  It adds some drama to the fire alarm.