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Weathered Twig & Berries

Weathered Twig & Berries

A hike in San Jose’s Quicksilver park has several trees with these nice little clusters of red berries.  This one worked rather nice with the soft bokeh.




Through a Child’s Eyes


This is not my photograph. It’s my six-year-old daughter’s!  On Sunday, during our walk to farmer’s market, she was very interested in shooting her flowers.  This is one of the images.  I think she chose a great subject and a killer background for it.  It almost looks like a studio setup.  Rather, it was in someone’s yard.  I better look out, that kid will be passing me up soon enough. 🙂

Daily Shoot #4: Close

#DS4: “Get close! Photograph an ordinary object from as close as you can manage. Fill the frame!”

Yellow flowers in my front-yard.

Daily Shoot #28: Bokeh with bite

#DS28: “Sunday challenge time: Break out a bigger camera if you can and use a wide aperture to work with DOF and bokeh!”

I love messing with DOF.  Thought of using  this for the DOF assignment while I was taking pictures of the creek on the other side of the fence.