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Help out a Preschool!

Update: The funding goal was reached!  Thank you everyone who donated, it has been a huge help to the kids!

Hey all, life’s been taking up my free time as can be seen with the slowdown in posts.   Today, I’m posting for my wife, Lorraine who is a Special Day Class teacher who works with autistic children.  She’s looking to raise money for some outdoor equipment to aid in her students’ outdoor learning activities.  Any donation amount would be helpful, and you’d be doing great for her little kids (from 3-5 yrs old).

You can check out her project details page at Thanks all!


The Look

The Look

I’m not sure if you can get much more sassy than this.

Roadside Barn

Roadside Barn

This little barn sits just outside of Davenport, Iowa.  The doors don’t appear to work anymore as they are off the tracks or off the hinges.  In looking for a good barn to photograph without burning lots of gas randomly driving around in my limited time with a car, I resorted to Google Street View.  I was able to find some good spots which also provided some spontaneous subjects along the way.

For this shot, I like the detail in the wood and clouds and how it all comes together.  This is nice in color as well, but the black & white brings out the contrast nicely.