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Dumbarton Bridge Reflection – Daily Shoot 61

Today I made another stop at the Dumbarton Bridge on the way home.  I wanted to catch a shot of the bridge’s highrise section with the cars on it for the Daily Shoot “Converging Lines” assignment.  I really liked the reflection that the small rain-created pond gives.  Unfortunately two things are wrong with this shot.  The first is I forgot to check my ISO, so this was done at 400 when it wasn’t required.  Secondly, the construction vehicles in front of the bridge are less-than-ideal.  I couldn’t see them until after the exposure was done since it was dark.

#DS61: “Converging lines direct the viewer’s eye. Sometimes found in railroad tracks, highways, and buildings. Make your photo!”


Parking Garage – Exploring Dark

This parking garage is in San Jose.  I wanted to explore doing some dark images.  These remind me of some nightmares I had as a kid.

Slide & Shadow – Daily Shoot 44

#ds44: “The contrast between an object and its shadow can make for an interesting photo. Explore the “dark side” of shadows today.”

Palo Alto Caltrain Station

Skipping the local train while waiting for the baby bullet.  Very sparse crowd on this cold evening.