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Coyote Valley

A bit more digging into the backlog to make up for not being out taking pictures over the last few days.  This is the Coyote Valley in the South San Jose area.  In the far distance you can make out Mt. Umunhum, the old Air Force Radar tower and the Doppler Radar tower.  I am not sure of the name of the hill on the left with the radio transmitter on it. On the left is Coyote Peak with its radio tower.

Coyote Valley


Snow Covered Mt. Umunhum

April came in cold this year.  So cold that Mt. Umunhum had a dusting of snow on April Fool’s day.  I took a couple of shots to remember the odd morning by.  I wish I had time to spend on them other than this quick capture.

Snow Covered Mt. Umunhum in April

Sunrise at Almaden Lake

This morning I caught the sunrise at Almaden Lake in San Jose.  It was great to be there as the birds were waking up, the light was changing and the world came to life.  This was good practice in dealing with quickly changing lighting conditions and fast-motion photography.   To top it off, Mt. Umunhum and Mt. Loma Prieta made for a great backdrop to the flying geese.  Here are some highlights.  The rest can be found here.

Mt Umunhum & Clouds

I am a fan of Mt. Umunhum.  It is visible from almost everywhere in San Jose.  The dilapidated radar tower at the top, bad roads, and large stretch of private property add to its mystique.  Cloud formations over the top are always a treat, especially as storms are just rolling in or leaving.  This is my submission for #ds46: “Time for a change in perspective! Look up today and make a photo that favors what’s going on in the sky.”

Other recent clouds were captured in Palo Alto.  This one captured the sun fabulously just as a jet was leaving a contrail that was cutting the sky like a knife.