Photography, Cycling and the Internets


I think the answer is … Yes!

I often find the queries from search engines on how people stumble across my blog humorous.  Today’s was one worth sharing. 😀


Happy Mother’s Day

Yellow Gazania

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s reading.  We’ll be celebrating with a nice brunch and then keeping the kids away from the house so mom can relax in peace.

Yellow Trailing Gazania & the Ant

Gazania & the Ant

This was a rushed shot as we were heading out today.  I could have spent another 30 minutes on it, but what are you going to do if you have places to be?  This ant, and one other were climbing around in the Gazania flower.  Once again, using the reverse-lens macro, this time dropped down to 28mm, I was able to get quite close.  There are still focus issues since it was breezy and everything was handheld.  I do however, like this little guy, especially since he’s just a tiny black ant and shows up decently here.

Well Hello, Daisy

Well Hello, Daisy

Today I bought a circular polarizing filter.  So naturally, what is the first thing I do to break it in?  Take it off the camera and do some reverse-lens macro shots.  It’s what you would have done, right?  That’s what I thought.

What we’re looking at here is a little daisy that was growing in the grass field of a local school.  This was taken at 135mm focal length.  Isn’t this shot one that is required of anyone taking flower photos?  I thought it was, so I made my attempt at it.


Better to Post Something?

I haven’t been out shooting recently since my schedule has been pretty impacted.  You know, late nights at work and all.  I have a couple of images that I have been sitting on.  Both of which I was happy with while I was shooting, and neither of which did anything for me once I got them on the computer.  They made my “don’t delete” cut, but I didn’t post them.  Since I haven posted in a couple days, and I’m not really doing a 365 project, I wonder, is it better to post something than nothing?  Probably.

The first image is from my last time shooting which was last Sunday.  In the same little flower garden that the last posts have come from.  The second image is from my outing a few weeks ago in San Francisco.

Through a Child’s Eyes


This is not my photograph. It’s my six-year-old daughter’s!  On Sunday, during our walk to farmer’s market, she was very interested in shooting her flowers.  This is one of the images.  I think she chose a great subject and a killer background for it.  It almost looks like a studio setup.  Rather, it was in someone’s yard.  I better look out, that kid will be passing me up soon enough. 🙂


I love being close enough to walk to farmer’s market.  When the weather is nice it makes for a good Sunday morning event.  One house along the way has a wonderful flower garden in the front yard.  I stopped to take a few shots, and let my girls try their hand at some as well.

These Alyssum Flowers are my work but it won’t be long until I’m featuring the kids stuff.  They love taking flower pictures. But the rule apparently is, one photo per flower please.  No more.  No duplicates, no matter if it is from one location or another.  That means one poppy photo, one daisy photo.  I guess this means we either need a bigger garden or we’ll have to start traveling soon. 🙂

Alyssum Flowers

Day of the Living Goofball

Day of the Living Goofball

I love dark, gritty images, so lets go dark again and keep up the variety.  I’ll opt-out of telling the story behind this one to let your imagination kick in.

Sunlit Rose

Sunlit Rose

The “other” decent image from my photo-walk last night.  I’m a fan of the translucent petals and reflective tips. While I was taking these, the ower of the the house was  leaving in the car.  I always wonder how people feel when I’m camped out shooting their flowers.  They never said a word before they drove off into the sunset (and cast a brief shadow on the roses).

Snakeskin Shadow on Handrail

Snakeskin Shadow on Handrail

I had time to do a photo-walk this evening.  Go figure!  Walking over the bridge crossing the freeway, I noticed the chain-link-fence was casting this awesome shadow on the handrail.  It created this snake-skin like effect that looks painted-on.   If you look, you can make out a car just under the rail.

#ds167 – Make two photos today of the same subject: one with deep depth of field, one with shallow. Post your favorite of the two.

I took several of these with several depths of field.  So yeah, I think I completed today’s assignment. 🙂