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Snakeskin Shadow on Handrail

Snakeskin Shadow on Handrail

I had time to do a photo-walk this evening.  Go figure!  Walking over the bridge crossing the freeway, I noticed the chain-link-fence was casting this awesome shadow on the handrail.  It created this snake-skin like effect that looks painted-on.   If you look, you can make out a car just under the rail.

#ds167 – Make two photos today of the same subject: one with deep depth of field, one with shallow. Post your favorite of the two.

I took several of these with several depths of field.  So yeah, I think I completed today’s assignment. 🙂


Morning at the Ferry Building, San Francisco

Morning at the Ferry Building, San Francisco

This morning when the Ferry Building in San Francisco opened, I managed to get to the second floor to get some shots of the wonderful architecture. Supposedly there is a rule against using tripods there.  The guards would walk from far away to politely ask me to stop.  The first said I could use my tripod on the second floor which I did until the second floor guard asked me to stop as well. I originally wanted to do some HDR shots, but instead I opted for this single exposure. I love the colors here.

I warmed this up slightly and gave a small bump in saturation and some slight manual vignetting.

#ds151 – Every town, village, or city has distinguishing icons and landmarks. Make a photo of one wherever you are today.

Bee Cluster

Honeybee Cluster

I didn’t go out shooting today with any intent to photograph more bees.  However, this, I could not pass up.  While walking through an old orchard,  I noticed a large something hanging from a tree. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be hundreds of bees. Perhaps a thousand or more? I probably got about 10 or 15 feet away to take this shot (and a few others). I was a bit nervous to get much closer. At first I thought this was a hive, but when I returned later in the day to get more shots, all of the bees were gone. In reading on this, it looks like the hive had split and this group was looking for a new home.

The close-up detail (while not super-sharp) gives a good perspective on just how crazy the cluster was.

This shot is a single-shot HDR to bring out the details in the cluster. This was taken around noon so the lighting was horrible.

Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret

Our first visit to the new Happy Hollow Park and Zoo provided a few opportunities to get some fun photos.  This one is of a Cattle Egret.  Sure, it’s a zoo bird, but it is a good looking bird nonetheless.  The sun was high and bright for most of the day, so shooting was a real challenge.  This photo was taken in the shade and had the  grass highlighted wonderfully behind the egret.

Additionally, I wanted a photo of some vivid colors that weren’t flowers or bees for a lagging daily shoot assignment.  This one will do nicely I think.

#ds152 – Bright, vivid colors can draw attention and add “pop” to a photo. Make a photo that has vivid colors today.

Hummingbird Chases a Bug

Hummingbird Chases a Bug

Today is the first time one of my Daily Shoot suggestions was used.  Today also has horrible weather and I won’t be going out shooting in it.  So instead, I am sharing a photo that I’ve been sitting on this for a while.  The image quality isn’t great, but this catch shot of a hummingbird chasing a bug is one I feel lucky to have.  In this, the beak is open and the bug is plainly visible.

This was taken in San Jose while at a park with the kids.  I was trying to shoot some of the birds in the trees when I saw this hummingbird in the air.  This was shot a 110 mm on a 70-300mm lens at 1/1000 f5.6.

#ds147 – Birds are beautiful and rewarding to photograph. Challenge yourself by making a photo of a bird today! (@theskane)

Morning Coffee

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment required leaving the big camera alone.  I read the assignment just after pouring my first cup of joe.  The camera of choice was what I had near by, my iPhone.  I think this shot is pretty good for my iPhone despite some blurry bubbles which bothers me a bit.     The coffee is from Barefoot Coffee Roasters, my daily addiction.  If you are ever in the San Jose area, worth a trip for a cup and some beans.

Morning Coffee

#ds144 – Put down your big, fancy camera today. Fully engage your artistic side by making a photo with minimal gear.



This evening while taking the kids to the park, a neighbor was playing catch with Zoe, a very energetic and well-behaved pup.  The photo opportunity gave me more of a chance to practice shots with the evening light and fulfill yesterday’s Daily Shoot assignment of speed.  I love that the evenings now come complete with sun.

Zoe Leaps for Tennis Ball

Zoe Grabs a Ball

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  The Easter Bunny made a visit and made his grand-kids very happy. 🙂

Grandpa the Easter Bunny

Grandpa, the Easter Bunny

#ds140 – Sunday challenge: Create a photograph that makes you feel happy looking at it. Don’t stop at good. Go for full on happy.

The Reluctant Gardener

Having a bit of fun with the evening light and water.  I’m not sure if the expression here is one of boredom or concentration.

#ds130 – Time to revisit a traditional photographic look. Make a black and white photo with high contrast today.

Still Chasing Bees

I have been quiet on here lately, but the shutter has still been firing.  Bees are still capturing the attention of my camera.  They are challenging to capture in interesting moments, which usually means flight.  I’ve been getting pretty close and  I upset one of the larger bees (which are quite aggressive even towards the other bees).  The trick I learned here was a shutter speed of about 1600 was required to get the better shots.  Manual focus seems to be the way to go along with patience.  Chasing the bees with the camera is just plain frustrating as they are far faster than the focus.

Reverse lens macro of one of the bees on the spanish lavender.