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My youngest daughter was playing at the beach in Santa Barbara in her sun dress and I grabbed this photo.  Everything about her pose, expression, the long grasses, sand and hill behind her screamed for a vintage look.  I used Nik Silver Efex Pro to get the look I was going for.  Some have said I need to crop it, and I can see why from a composition perspective, but I’ll be leaving it just as it is since I like the environment.




A few months ago, I rented some lights and messed around with learning how they work.  I took a few photos of my family.  Here is one I really liked that came out of my little experiment.  My daughter had been upset about something that little kids get upset about.  She had also just gotten out of the bath.  Needless to say, she wasn’t impressed by my setup.  The upside is an awesome photo! 🙂

Palace of Fine Arts at Night

Palace of Fine Arts

A fog-free night in San Francisco combined with driving by the Palace of Fine Arts with a camera in the car means you must stop to get a few images.   The buildings are lit dramatically with sodium lights.  This makes difficult color set to capture and reveal the detail in color, so I opted for black & white here.  We were in the late hour of twilight so the sky had a nice gradient left to it.

Window View – Daily Shoot 47

#ds47: “The new year represents opportunity. Make a photo of a scene looking out a window.”

The great part about taking the caltrain is the view from the window constantly changes.  The bad part is that for the most part, the view is not very good.  This is a shot of downtown San Jose from the upper deck of the train with the HP Pavillion just to the left.

Daily Shoot #37: Hands

Nothing better than little hands with a flower.

#DS37: “Hands can tell a lot about a person: smooth, rough, dirty, or wrinkled. Make a photo of hands that tell a story. (@cogdog)”

Daily Shoot #34: Lines

#DS34: “A perfect line can draw the eye in. Make a photo of interesting vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines. (via @melhutch)”

The clean, high-contrast bricks look great.  I only wish there was something interesting in the distance.

Fortune Cookies