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Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

Oh how busy life can get.  Saturday was the first day I’ve been out to ‘just shoot photos’ in many months.  We went up to the Marin Headlands which is worth a trip even without a camera.  The day was great, and I think I have at least a few posts worth of shots.  What we’re looking at today is a very excited turkey that was attempting to impress a couple of hens that were nearby.  He was doing some dancing and showing off his very colorful feathers.  I got lucky as he started walking in my direction which gave some great reflections off of his feathers.


Beach House

Beach House

Back to the Monterey trip.  This blue house overlooking the rocky beach with the gold grass in the foreground caught my eye.

Grass & Thistle Over Morgan Hill

Grass & Thistle Over Morgan Hill

The kids and I went hiking around Anderson Lake in Morgan Hill on Sunday.  The sky was playing very nice and the views were gorgeous.  I really liked how the brown grass interacted with the blue sky, orchards, mountain and puffy white clouds.  I took this at 28mm f13 to get the background just slightly out of focus.    It was a bit breezy so it was really tough to get this with a super-sharp grass in the foreground.

Rusted Bolt in Old Mossy Fence

This HDR image is composed of 3 exposures.  My goal here was to keep it very natural looking.  There are slight bumps in saturation to bring out the grass, which is actually very green on-site.  I’m very pleased with the results.  The amount of detail in the wood and the growth on the fence is very sharp.   This was taken at the same location as my previous photo, Old Barn, off of Casa Loma Rd. near Morgan Hill.  Click through to see the detail on SmugMug.

Frosty Leaf in Grass

Frosty Leaf in Grass

It was quite cold, for a Californian, this morning.    I like the steel colors that are warmed up by the leaf. Also, I love the individual crystals.  The focus is just perfect to see each crystal along the leaf.  The bushes in the far background  deepen the color just before the picture trails off near the top.  This is one of my favorite photos.